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Executive Director's Message

Great things begin with small action. It's important to build on previous success gradually and carefully, preserving the progress of every previous step. That's How greatness manifests. Young students carry the weight of the world on themselves. In troubling times, it is easy for them to feel like no one has ever felt the way they do, and never can. That's understandable, of course. They haven't lived long enough and witnessed enough of others sufferings to learn that its often universally shared experience. Neverthless, this is the time for them to become aware that empathy and understanding are within arm's reach.

Too often, many of us live with more awareness of our limitations than are potantial. It goes back to our experiences with well-meaning adults. At home we're much younger and more impressionable. We were brought with many beliefs, right or wrong, about ourselves and what we could do. Not all of them may have been proactive. So, a word of advice and caution to the teachers and parents here : These children are reflection of you. Their perception and beliefs will be formed by your actions, behaviour and words. Be extremely careful in what you say and do in front of them. Have a heart large enough to not to judge anyone and have a heart large enough to accept that you will always be judged. Maintain human dignity at all times. 

The young minds should be encouraged to think and question rather than to remember what is being taught. Let them know they are capable of any thing they set their minds to. The only limits they have are the ones they choose to place on themselves. I am sure the school will continue to provide the young minds, the right plateform for a holistic devolopment.

Best Wishes for the life ahead!

Sqn Ldr Hina Malik

Executive Director