Principal's Message

Education in India must expand its focus and emphasis. Apart from the "Content-skill" and emphasis on achieving high marks as success indicator, the school has a great responsibility to sensitise the students to various social realities. The changes shaping a new reality in the fabric of teachers and educators. The environment in which knowledge exists has been transformed; teachers and students have become co-creators of knowledge.

 Air Force School Bamrauli, firmly believes that it is essential for the child, to nurture the spirit of enquiry, the school has pledged to cultivate and encourage. We believe in the inherent worth and potential of each child. We focus on our students being supported in ways that aim to develop a core set of values and high self-esteem, and make them independent learners. Our school takes special care to address the changes which are evident in values and attitudes with sound counselling, discussions, workshops and assembly speeches to help the students to overcome characteristics of adolescent behaviour, Great stress is also placed on learning effective social skills and confidence through positive attitude towards personal health and respecting themselves, their peers, teachers and parents.

I am confident that with the ceaseless efforts put in by the staff, the keen involvement and encouragement given by the members of the School Management Committee, the continuous co-operation of parents and the will and determination of the students AFS Bamrauli will continue to make headway in all areas of educational development, preserving the spirit of the school.

 Before I conclude I thank staff and students who have contributed an array of articles for your reading pleasure.

Anyway... Happy Reading !!!